It is needed to sign up a 6block account before Handshake mining for the wallet address configuration, worker and revenue monitoring, payment records checking.

  • Handshake Mining Tutorial

    The algorithm of Handshake is black2b+sha3.

    Mining Equipment And Environment

    Obtain Wallet Address

    Miner Configuration

    • Input the miner’s IP address and go through the miner backstage.
    • Hong Kong Pool URL: stratum+tcp://
    • US Pool URL: stratum+tcp://
    • User/Worker:account_name.worker_name
    • Password: any word, such as 123.
    • After confirmation, save the settings, then the miner will start mining after a while.

    Monitoring mining machine status and revenue

    • To view the operational status and daily income of the mining machine, you can access the 6block official website, click on the miner management in the upper nav bar, and enter the payment list to check.
    • Please note: After you set up your miner, it may take a little time before your mining data will sync with the 6block website.
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