6block Registration Tutorial

It is needed to sign up a 6block account before Handshake and Grin/Kepler mining for the wallet address configuration, worker and revenue monitoring, payment records checking.

  • 1. Sign up
    • 1. Open the 6block official website and click on "register" on the top left.
    • 2. Then input the sign-up information.
    • 3. And there will be an activation email sent to the sign-up email after registration.
    • 4. Go and log in the email to activate your 6block account, find the mail in the inbox. If there is no email, please check if it is in the spam box. Open the mail and click on the link to activate your account, and the registration has been completed while it auto jumps to your 6block sign-in account.
  • 2. 2FA configuration
    • 1. Open the 6block official website and sign-in.
    • 2. Then in the "passport" page, click the enable button of 2FA.
    • 3. Scan the following QR code with Google Authenticator (or other similar apps). Or you can enter this secret key into your authenticator too.
    • 4. Click the submit button.
  • 3. Wallet address configuration
    • 1. Click on "Settings" after signing in.
    • 2. Then go to the "Mining Accounts" page.
    • 3. Click the "Add" button and add a mining account.
    • 4. Click the "Payment" button to add a wallet address. This is will be released after the pool being published.
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