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The total number of Filecoin nodes reached 0

Up to now, the effective computing power managed by the company is close to 0 PiB, accounting for 0% of the total network computing power


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The team is composed by the earliest blockchain experts in China, which at least have more than 6 years of experience in blockchain industry. The team both proficient in technology development history and future trend of blockchain, with rich experience in design and selection.



More than 90% of the team are technicians and participated in many blockchain research projects. Our technical field contains blockchain consensus network, zero -knowledge proof, graphics parallel computing, and data analysis of the blockchain.The team focus on the most advanced blockchain technology all the time.



We are a professional operation and maintenance team that has operated dozens of blockchain projects, with hundreds of self owned and external clusters.Researchers are proficient in monitoring development, network configuration, automatic deployment, and maintenance of various software and hardware failures.



The team has rich advanced hardware equipment and hardware R & D, testing and production capacity, we can design the most cost-effective hardware equipment according to the demand, and finally carry out large-scale mass production.

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